1941 premiers
Back row - R. Pratt, N. Jones, J. Hale, T. Killiby [trainer], W. Collier, J. Wedgwood, G. Hart
Second row: O. Campbell, C. Montgomery, J. Lindwall, W. Tyquin, L. Spencer, J. Gilbert, H. Gilbert Jnr.
Front row: C. Fahy [district honorary secretary], R. Hasson, N. Smith [captain-coach], J. Mostyn [club president], L. Kelly [vice captain], A. McAndrew, B. Wales [club treasurer].
Front: A. Ross [ballboy].

Premiers 1941
Backrow: B. Wales [treasurer], D. Ross [selector], N. Jones, T. Killiby [trainer], W. Collier, H. Gilbert snr. [selector], S. Pert [selector].
Middle row - C. Montgomery, J. Lindwall, L. Kelly [vice-capt.], W. Tyquin, L. Spencer, J. Gilbert, H. Gilbert, J. Hale.
Front row - C. Fahy [ Dist. hon. sec.], R. Pratt, O. Campbell, N. Smith [captain-coach], G. Hart, J. Wedgwood, J. Mostyn [pres.].
In front - R. Hasson, A. Ross [ball boy], A. McAndrew.

GRAND FINAL. Saturday 30 August 1941, SCG.
St George 31 (O Campbell 2,
R Hanson 2, N Smith, L Kelly, G Hart, A McAndrew tries. N Smith 5 goals)
defeated Eastern Suburbs 14 (P Dermond 2, D Brown, W Bamford tries. D Brown 1 goal)
Crowd: 39,957

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