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St George Dragons Rugby League History
Since 1921 - Our Proud History
Players J-K
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A full list of players that have played first grade for the Dragons club since 1921.
S: St George I: Illawarra SI: St George Illawarra Games may also mean interchange repl: replacement * current player
Name Details Notes / info links
Jackson, R
R. Jackson

S, 1922, 4 games.
2t (6pts)

Played in initial second grade match in 1921.
Scored first try for Saints in second grade in their 27-5 defeat to Glebe.
more: 1921

James, Brian S, 1962-65, 13 games + 2 repl.
5t (15pts)
NSW rep (1968). Aust rep (1968).
RU convert (St George RU).
A professional sprinter, Brian James battled for recognition with the star-studded Saints backline before moving on and playing the 1967 Grand Final winning South Sydney side.
more: 1962
James, R S, 1945-46, 6 games. 1t (3pts)  
Jansen, John
John Jansen 1977
S, 1976-83, 101 games + 10 repl.
21t (65pts)
Prop forward. Second row forward.
Corrimal junior.
Played in 1977 Grand Final replay winning side, scoring a try.
At 185cm and 98kg, Jansen was a fast for a forward and once matched it for pace when chasing Sharks' centre, Steve Rogers in a club match.
Later took up coaching positions in St George and Illawarra.
more: 1977, 1983
Jardine, George
George Jardine
S, 1947-50 & 1952, 60 games.
9t (27pts)
Played in 1949 Grand Final victory despite having a suspected broken wrist.

more: 1949
Jarvis, Pat
Pat Jarvis 1981
S, 1980-86, 112 games, + 10 repl.
7t (27pts)
NSW rep (1984 &1986-87).

Aust rep (1983).

StGeorge junior (Arncliffe).
Played in 1985 grand final.
During his post football career as a policeman, he reportedly took a young Jeff Fenech off the streets of Marrickville and introduced him to boxing.

more: 1980
Jeffries, Ben
Ben Jeffries
SI, 1999-2001, 1 repl. (0pts) Utility back.
Signed in 1999 from Newcastle Jersey Flegg.
Limited opportunities saw Jeffries leave the Dragons mid-season 2001 (17 May) to play for Wests First Division.
Jeffries, Jack S, 1978, 8 games. (0pts)

Thirroul junior.
Aust schoolboy rep in 1972. City 2nds rep in 1978 after just three club games.

Jenkins, Garry S, 1971, 4 games. 1t (3pts)  
Jensen, Barry I,  1982, 11 games. (0pts)

NSW rep (1981).
Forced to retire following a neck injury.

Jensen, Tony
SI, 2004, 13 games.
1t (4pts)
Second row forward.
Newtown Lions junior. Born 1980, Toowoomba (Qld).
A solid defender and hard runner, Jensen came to Saints after a stint with Northern Eagles / Manly (2001-03).
Released at the end of the 2004 season.
Johns, Chris S, 1984-87, 45 games + 11 repl.
7t (28pts)
Utility back.
NSW rep (1989, 1991-92 & 94).
Aust rep (1990-92).
Qld born but raised in St George, Johns was a reserve back for the 1985 grand final after playing in the winning Reserve Grade Grand Final.
Joined Brisbane and went on the be an administrator with the Melbourne Storm.
Johnson, Brian
Brian Johnson
S, 1979-85, 144 games + 5 repl.
54t (178pts)
Dapto junior.
Exciting returner of the ball, Brian Johnson played in 1979 Grand Final victory.
Always a popular crowd pleaser, Brian went on to coach Warrington in the UK.

more: 1979, 1980
Johnson, Frank
Frank Johnson
S, 1944-45, 23 games.
1t (3pts)
NSW rep (1947-48 & 1950).
Aust rep (1948-49).
South coast product. Country rep 1940-43 while playing for Port Kembla.
Played for Southern Districts against Great Britain and became captain-coach of Wollongong.
Johnson was awarded an OAM for his tireless services to the game for 50 years. Born 1922, Johnson passed away in 1993.
more: 1944, 1954
Johnson, L S, 1953, 5 games. 1t (3pts)  
Johnston, Albert (c)
'Rick', 'Ricketty', 'Rickety'

S, 1921-22, 9 games.
Five eighth. Half back.
NSW rep (1920-21).
Aust rep (1919-22).

A Balmain junior, Albert 'Ricketty' Johnston played with Wests and Newtown before making his Test debut in 1919 (vs NZ). In 1920, he captained Australia in the first match of the 1920 Ashes series.
After being appointed captain-coach of Newtown in 1921, Johnston had to step down because of 'residential qualifications' and became part of the new St George club. He played with Saints in their first year in First Grade.
Along with George Carstairs, Johnston became Saints' first Kangaroo tourist. Already an experienced Test representative, Johnston has the honour of being St George's first Test player when he played in the first Test at Leeds.
Became captain of St George in 1922 before retiring to coach Newtown and then Wests.

to coach Saints to the 1933 final. Coach of St George: 1933, 1934 and 1935.
Australian coach in 1946.
Died in 1961.

more: 1921
Johnston, Brian (c)
Brian Johnston 1979
S, 1980-89, 162 games + 11 repl.
61t (233pts)
Centre. Utility back
NSW rep (1984 & 1986-89).
Aust rep (1987).

Dunedoo junior. Played RU for Easts Colts.
Played in 1985 grand final.

St George captain in 1989.

Went on to be St George club CEO in 1996 and Aust Test manager in 1999. Forced to resign as club CEO in 2000 due to health reasons but came back later to resume some administrative duties.
more: 1980, 1996, 2000
Johnston, Peter I,  1994-95, 28 games + 3 repl. 4t (16pts)  
Johnstone, Billy S, 1987, 22 games. (0pts) Hooker.
Professional middleweight boxer hailed from Cunnanulla
Jones, B S, 1960, 1 game. (0pts)  
Jones, Brett I,  1990-91, 11 games. (0pts)  
Jones, Dean I,  1993, 1 repl. (0pts)  
Jones, Noel
Noel Jones 1941
S, 1940-43 & 1947, 58 games.
24t, 4g (80pts)
Five Eighth.
Played in St George's first Grand Final win.
more: team 1941
Jones, Richard S, 1982-85, 10 games + 3 repl. 2t (8pts)  
Jones, Stephen S, 1984 & 1986, 1 game + 1 repl. (0pts)  
Jordan, Tom S, 1970, 1 game + 1 repl. (0pts)  
Justice, Arthur (c)

Arthur 'Snowy' Justice
S, 1922-32, 113 games.
11t (33pts)
Hooker. NSW rep (1925-29).
Aust rep (1928-30).
Played in Saints' first premiership-deciding final appearance in 1927.
Club captain in 1928, 1929 and 1930. He most likely took over as captain in 1932 following an early season injury to skipper Harry Kadwell.

Played in historic scoreless draw in third Test on 1929-30 Kangaroo tour.
Rugged front rower and determined rake went on to become St George secretary manager in 1950s and 60s.
Was also Chairman of the NSW judiciary.

more: 1922, 1926, 1927, 1932, 1947, Golden Years I
Kadwell, Henry James (Harry) (c)

Harry Kadwell
S, 1931-34, 46 games.
8t, 61g (146pts)
Utility back.
Played halfback, five eighth and fullback.
NSW rep (1928-30 & 1932 & 1934).
Aust rep (1929-30).

Playing with South Sydney, Harry Kadwell became St George captain-coach in 1931 following the residential qualification rules.
Top first grade point scorer for club in 1931, 1933 and 1934.
Harry broke his leg early in the 1932 season during a NSW v England match, ending any further international prospects.
Returned in 1933 as St George captain (with 'Ricketty' Johnson taking over as coach) to guide Saints to the 1933 premiership-deciding final, going down 18-5 to Newtown. He was also captain in 1934.
In his final year, Kadwell played a tremendous 1934 season and gained NSW selection before retiring.
The last surviving member of the 1929 Kangaroos, Harry 'Mick' Kadwell died at the age of 96 in October 1996.
Kativerata, Wise
Wise Kativerata 2002
SI, 2001-2002, 4 games + 1 repl.
1t (4pts)
Utility player. Centre. Winger.
Originally from Natakala Rugby Club, Fiji, was graded with Saints in 2000.
Played lower grade with Saints in 2003 before being released to play with Souths in April of that year.
more: 2003
Kearney, Ken 'Killer' (c) (captain coach)
Ken Kearney 1960
S, 1952-61, 153 games.
18t, 2g (58pts)

NSW rep (1953 & 1955-58).
Aust rep (1952-58).
Captain-coach 1953-1955, captain in 1956 and captain-coach again in 1957-1961. Remained as coach in 1962.
Rugby Union convert, serving with the RAAF in WW2 before representing the Wallabies in seven Tests. He then switched to Rugby League whilst in England.
Played with Leeds from 1948 then joined St George in 1952.
A ruthless professional and champion hooker, 'Killer' instigated revolutionary coaching methods captaining Saints to six Grand Final victories from 1956-61.
Played in the 1953 grand final as captain-coach and remained in the dual role until 1956 when Norm Tipping became coach with Kearney as captain in that Grand Final winning year. Kearney took back the captain-coach role in 1957.
A giant in the history of Australian Rugby League, 'Killer' led by example captaining Australia in 1956-57 before a knee injury forced him into retirement in 1962.
Passed away 18 August 2006, aged 82, following a heart attack on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Article link: click here

more: 1952, 1953, 1955, Golden Years I, 1956, team 1956, 1956 additional, 1957, 1960, team 1960, 1961, Retires, 1962, 1963, 1964, 2006

Kearney, Ken S, 1978-79, 28 games + 1 repl.
6t, 19g, 1fg (57pts)
Keen, Craig I,  1988-91, 18 games + 10 repl. (0pts)  
Keightly, O S, 1940, 3 games. (0pts)  
Kelly, Aubrey (vc)
'The Terror'

Aub Kelly
S, 1924-28, 52 games.
13t, 1g (41pts)
Aub 'Jockey' Kelly 1927

Lock forward.
NSW rep (1926-27).
A St George junior and only ever played with St George.
In his first year, 'Jockey' won a reputation as one of the hardest tacklers in the game.
Played in Saints' first premiership-deciding final appearance in 1927 as vice-captain.
In 1928, 'Jockey' was one of three Saints' players sent off in a match against Wests and received a lengthy season-ending suspension for stomping on the face of an opponent.
Played with the club until the end of 1929. Became one of the many players who were forced out of the district to look for work during the Great Depression.
During his career, Kelly was described as, "almost universally the greatest forward in Australia, and one of the greatest the league code has produced. He was greatest as a destroyer and some of his diving tackles will never be forgotten..."
more: 1926, team 1927

Kelly, Cliff S, 1940-41, 7 games. 2t (6pts)  
Kelly, Kevin S, 1981-82, 12 games. 4t, 1g, 1fg (15pts)
I,  1984-86, 30 games. 10t, 1g (42pts)
Kelly, Len 'Deacon' (c)
S, 1933-44, 180 games.
59t (161pts)

Second row forward.
Described as the 'undisputed champion of club football', Len 'Deacon' Kelly only ever played with St George.
A St George junior, Kelly was graded in 1931 as a 16 year old from Sutherland and starred in the President's Cup that season.
Represented City against Country three times.
Played in 1941 Grand Final win after forming a great back row partnership with skipper Neville Smith.
Became captain-coach in 1942.
Prolific try scoring forward, he played 205 grade games, 180 in First Grade, which was a club record at the time, breaking Percy Fairall's record of 155 all grade games (later broken again by Norm Provan).
Went on to administration as Australian selector in 1956, vice president of the NSWRL and president of the St George club from 1962-77.
An extremely influential figure in Rugby League, Len Kelly was an important factor in the greatness of St George.
He died in 1981, aged 66.

more: 1933, 1935, team 1941, 1941, Golden Years I, 1981

Kelly, Malcom I,  1986-87, 18 games + 4 repl. 12g (24pts)  
Kelly, Shane S, 1989-90, 23 games + 1 repl. (0pts)  
Kemp, Clarrie S, 1932-33, 3 games. 1t (3pts)  
Kent, Jason
Jason Kent
SI, 2002, 3 games + 4 repl. (name for 8th appearance as replacement but didnt take the field in 2002 Qualifying Final)
1g (2pts)
Centre. Fullback.
Dapto junior played in Saints First Division premiership winning side in 2001.
Signed with Sharks for 2003.

more: 2002
Kerr, Keiran
Keiran Kerr 2001

SI, 2001, 2 games.
2t (8pts)

Represented NSW U/19s.

Scored a try on First Grade debut.
Played in 2002 First Division grand final.
Killiby, William (Bill)
S, 1933-35 & 1940, 39 games.
11t (33pts)
Lock forward.
Part of the Killiby connection going back two generations and included W.Killiby who was trainer in 1921 and Tom Killiby, a player in 1921-30 and trainer-masseur in later years.
Bill Killiby played in 1933 premiership-deciding final when Saints went down 18-5 to Newtown.
Played in 1935 side that annihilated Canterbury by a record 91-6.

more: 1935
Killiby, Tom W.
Tom Killiby
S, 1921-23 & 1925-28 & 1930
41 games.
8t (24pts)
Part of the Killiby connection which included W.Killiby who was trainer in 1921 and Bill Killiby, a player in 1933-35.
Tom Killiby kicked the only goal in the first recorded trial match won by St George 2-0 over Glebe.
Played in inaugural Reserve Grade team in 1921.
Played in Saints' first premiership-deciding final appearance in 1927.
Following retirement, Tom Killiby stayed on as head trainer, gear steward and masseur, thus giving years of service.

more: 1921, team 1927
Kinchela, Denis
Denis Kinchela 1985
S, 1982-83 & 1985-86, 45 games + 4 repl.
13t (45pts)

First grade debut at 17 years old.
Formerly from West Tamworth, Kinchela gained a reputation as a powerful running flankman.
Played in 1985 grand final.

King, H 'Puddin'
H 'Puddin' King 1921
S, 1922-23, 18 games.
Part of 1921 squad.
Delayed for a match at North Sydney Oval one afternoon in 1922 and was replaced at fullback by club secretary, Reg Fusedale.
Also played with Easts in 1925.
more: team 1921
King, Johnny
Johhny King 1960
S, 1960-71, 191 games.
143t, 7g (443pts)
NSW rep (1963-65 & 1969-70).

Aust rep (1966-68 & 1970).
Originally from Gildranda, Johnny King's talents were recognised early and saw him brought up through the St George juniors.
Was the sole try scorer in two Grand Finals (1961 and 1964) and was the scorer of a controversial try in the 1963 Grand Final.
The left flankman came back from a lawn mower accident in October 1964 which almost cost him his foot.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest finishers in the history of the game, Johnny King holds the club try scoring record (143 tries).
Also holds a unique record of six tries in six successive winning grand finals (1960-65), once referred to as the 'King Hits'.
Went on to coach Western Division to victory in the inaugural Amco Cup Final in 1974 before coaching South Sydney in 1976.
In the 1980s, John King coached Country Seconds to an upset win over Sydney.

more: 1960, team 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, team 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1974
Kirkland, Peter I,  1982, 13 games. 7t, 7g (35pts)  
Kissell, Trevor I,  1986-91 & 1993, 59 games + 11 repl.
9t (36pts)

Kite, Brent
Brent Kite

SI, 2002-04, 67 games (incl repl)
9t (36pts)

Second row forward. Prop forward.
NSW rep (2004)
Born 1981, Queanbeyan, NSW and Queanbeyan United junior.

Australian schoolboys rep in 1998.
Test rep for Tonga in 2000 RL World Cup.
First Grade Debut: Saints v Sharks at Aussie Stadium (SFS), March 17, 2002.
Following a series of outstanding performances in early 2004, Kite was selected for Country Origin before bolting into the NSW State of Origin side.
Salary cap constraints saw Kite sign with Manly for 2005.
more: team 2002, 2003, 2004

Kite, Ross
Ross Kite 1956

S, 1952-57, 87 games.
49t, 49g (245pts)
Winger. Centre.
NSW rep (1954-56 & 1958).

Aust rep (1955 & 1958).

St George junior (Arncliffe Scots).
Graded in 1950, Ross Kite was originally a centre. He came back from a broken wrist to fill the wing spot. and didn't miss a grade game through injury for the next four seasons (1951-54).
In 1954, Kite was the club's top point scorer in first grade (129pts) and in the same year, he scored four tries on debut for NSW.
Kite was rated as Australia's most successful winger for season 1955 before playing in the victorious 1956 Grand Final side.
St George prop forward and hardman Kevin Ryan once said that Kite was one of the few men who could hurt him in a tackle.
Described as a true and thorough gentleman, Ross Kite passed away on the 30th May 2004 at Calvary hospital, Kogarah, following a battle with cancer..

more: 1956, team 1956, 2004
Ko'cass, Mark S, 1987, 16 games. 2t, 1fg (9pts)  
Kusto, Ben S, 1996-98, 10 games + 12 repl.
2t, 3g (14pts)
Half back. Five eighth.
more: 1998

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