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St George Dragons Rugby League History
Since 1921 - Our Proud History
Players F-G
[A-B] [C ] [D-E] [F-G] [H-I] [J-K] [L] [M-Mc] [N-O] [P-Q-R] [S] [T-U-V] [W-X-Y-Z]
A full list of players that have played first grade for the Dragons club since 1921.
S: St George I: Illawarra SI: St George Illawarra Games may also mean interchange repl: replacement * current player
Name Details Notes / info links
Facer, Frank

Frank Facer
S, 1947-50, 74 games. 2t (6pts) Hooker.
Played in 1949 Grand Final victory.

Went on to become club secretary (1956-77).

The game's most successful administrator saw St George to 12 premierships (1956-66 & 77) during a reign which lasted over two decades.

more: 1947, 1949, 1950, 1956, 1963, 1966, 1974, 1978
Fahey, M S, 1947-48, 17 games. 6t (18pts)  
Fairall, Percy (c)
Percy Fairall 1930
S, 1928-30 & 1932-37, 92 games.
21t, 4g (71pts)

Hooker. Lock forward.
NSW rep (1935-36).

Aust rep (1935-38).
St George junior.

Captained St George when they demolished Canterbury by a record 91-6 in 1935.
Played 155 all grade games, the first Saints player to surpass 150 games.
Also played with Souths 1938-40 and played in that clubs' 1939 grand final loss.

more: 1935

Fairhall, A S, 1928, 3 games. (0pts)  
Fairhall, Pat S, 1982-84, 7 games + 3 repl. 2t (6pts)  
Falconer, ? S, 1926, 1 game. (0pts)  
Farrar, Andrew I,  1994, 22 games. 3t (12pts)

NSW rep (1984 & 86-87 & 89-90).

Aust rep (1988).

Kicked decisive field goal in Canterbury's 7-6 defeat of Saints in 1985 grand final. Went on to become Steelers coach and Dragons coach.
more: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Felsch, Luke
Luke Felsch

S, 1994-98, 28 games + 28 repl. 3t (12pts)
SI, 2002, 16 games (incl repl). 1t (4pts)

TOTAL: 1994-98 & 2002, 72 games (incl repl), 4t (16pts)
Front row forward. Second row forward.
Sponsored by University of New England (NSW), Felsch was graded with Saints after being spotted playing in a Commonwealth Bank Cup match for Woodlawn College.

Played in 1996 grand final side.

Unable to fit into joint venture in 1999, went onto the UK.

Signed again with the Dragons in 2002.

more: 1996
Ferguson, Roy
Roy Ferguson
S, 1972-76, 100 games + 1 repl.
30t (90pts)

Wyong junior played with Wests 1964-71.
A tough competitor, Ferguson played 1975 grand final and one of the few players who could still hold his head high following the 38-0 loss.
more: 1972, 1975

Field, Sid S, 1921, 2 games. (0pts) Forward.
Played in the inaugural First Grade match for
St George.
more: 1921
Fielder, R S, 1948-51, 39 games. 7t (21pts)  
Fifield, Jack
Jack Fifield
S, 1957-58, 37 games. 20t (60pts) Centre.
Captain of Balmain before joining Saints.
A try scorer in the 1957 Grand Final, when Saints crushed Manly 31-9.
more: 1957
Fifita, John
John Fifita
S, 1984-90, 56 games + 24 repl.
5t (20pts)
Huge front rower.
Joined Saints from Tonga in 1984, Fifita came back from a serious leg injury in 1985 to play five more seasons.
Went on to play for many years in 'Bush' football.
Finch, Robert
Robert Finch
S, 1974-80, 118 games + 9 repl.
26t (78pts)
Aust schoolboy rep.

Was reserve player for 1975 grand final.

Played in 1977 and 1979 Grand Final victories.

Later represented Country and took up coaching roles in the Newcastle area.
Went on to become NRL referee administrator
more: 1974, 1977, 1979
Finnie, J S, 1948, 10 games. 5t (15pts)  

Firman, Brett
Brett Firman

SI, 2003-2004, 22 games
7t, 11g (50pts)
Born 1982 in Temora, NSW.
Played with Temora, Port Macquarie and then Cronulla lower grades before linking up with Saints.
First Grade Debut: Dragons v. Wests Tigers at Telstra Stadium, March 15, 2003.
Undergoing and recovering from shoulder surgery in the 2003/2004 off-season.
After just one first grade game in 2004, Firman broke his leg in a lower grade match. In his absence, Mathew Head made the half back spot his own, limiting Firman's options later in the year.
Signed with Roosters for 2005.
more: 2003, 2004
Fitzgerald, J S, 1953, 1 game. (0pts)  
Fitzgerald, Jamie
Jamie Fitzgerald
SI, 2000-01, 21 games (including repl)
Utility forward.
more: 2001
Fitzgerald, L S, 1952, 5 games. 3t, 5g (19pts)  
Fitzgerald, Peter S, 1969-75, 95 games  + 5 repl.
7t (21pts)
Back row forward.
Originally from Canowindra.

Played in 1971 and 1975 grand finals.

Went on to captain Port Kembla to win the 1980 Wollongong premiership under the coaching of Graeme Langlands.
Fitzgibbon, Craig I, 1997-98, 10 games + 10 repl. 2t, 38g (84pts)
SI, 1999, 15 games (incl repl). 4t, 25g (66pts)
TOTAL: 1997-1999, 35 games (incl repl), 6t, 63g (150pts)
Second row forward.
Played in 1999 grand final.

more: 1999
Fitzpatrick, C S, 1936-37, 2 games. (0pts)  
Fitzpatrick, G S, 1970, 1 game. (0pts)  
Fitzpatrick, Peter S, 1978, 1 repl. (0pts)  
Flanagan, Shane S, 1987, 1 game  2 repl. (0pts) Winger
Fleming, Doug
Doug Fleming
S, 1949-53, 1955-57, 120 games.
12t, 280g, 1fg (598pts)
Fullback. Goal kicker.
Graded as a 17 year old in 1947.

Played in 1949 Grand Final victory.
Fleming was the season's top point scorer in 1955 with 185 pts (1t, 91g) and again in 1956 with 189 pts (3t, 90g). He was also the club's top point scorer in first grade in 1957 with 110 pts (2t, 52g).

Played in another Grand Final victory in 1956 before retiring in 1957.
His 598 first grade points was a club record, previously held by Noel Pidding. The record would later be broken by Brian Graham in 1964.

more: 1949, 1953, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1963
Fleming, Norm
Norm Fleming
S, 1929-33, 18 games. 4t (12pts) Forward.
Flower, Harry
Harry Flower 1930
S, 1922-24 & 1926-30, 58 games.
6t (18pts)
Veteran front rower was one of three St George players sent off in a Saints v Wests match in 1927.

Suspended six weeks for fighting, Flower missed out on the club's first premiership decider.

Played in the 1930 grand final loss to Wests, suffering an arm injury before retiring.
more: 1930
Flower, J S, 1930-31 & 1935-36, 25 games. 3t, 1g (11pts) Half back / five eighth.
Played 91-6 thrashing of Canterbury in 1935.
more: 1935
Foley, J S, 1926, 4 games. 1t (3pts)  
Foord, George S, 1974-75, 5 games + 1 repl. 1t (3pts)  
Forrester, Wade
Wade Forrester
SI, 2001, 2 repl. 1t (4pts) Forward.
Played in 1st Division Grand Final winning team of 2001.
Signed with Manly for 2002.
Foster, Ken S, 1942, 5 games. 2t (6pts) Winger
Franklin, S S, 1952, 3 games. (0pts)  
Fraser, Col S, 1982-87, 55 games  16 repl. 15t (59pts) Later became St George Development Officer.
Frederickson, Ron S, 1936-40, 42 games. 5t (15pts)  
Freestone, Eric Vivian 'Bluey'
Eric Freestone 1930
S, 1929-32, 49 games.
16t, 32g (112pts)
NSW rep (1928).

Aust rep (1928).

Gudagai winger played with Tumut where he gained rep honours before joining Saints.
Played in 1930 grand final.
French, John S, 1976, 1 game + 1 repl. (0pts)  
Frendin, W S, 1945, 2 games. (0pts)  
Frew, Andrew
SI, 2004, 1 game. 1t (4pts) Winger.
Born 1975, Sydney.
Fairfield Patrician Bros junior. Played with Parramatta (1997-98), Manly (1999), Northern Eagles (2000), and UK club Huddersfield (2001-03) before linking up with Saints for 2004.
Fritz, Dale I, 1989-93, 63 games +  10 repl. 8t (32pts)  
Fritz, Darren I, 1994-96, 50 games + 9 repl. 5t (20pts) Prop forward. second row forward.
Qld rep (1994).
Fullerton Smith, Wally
Wally Fullerton-Smith 1992
S, 1987-92, 79 games. 5t (20pts).
5t (20pts)
Qld rep (1983-85 & 88 & 90).

Aust rep (1983-85 & 88).

Roma (Qld) junior played with Redcliffe and also played with French club Tonneins (82-83) and UK club Leeds (84-85) before joining Saints

Played again in France in 1993.
Funnell, Steve S, 1984-87 & 1988, 31 games  + 16 repl.
8t, 18g, 1fg (69pts)
Fusedale, Reg
Reg Fusedale
S, 1921-22, 16 games + 1 repl.
7g (14pts)
Was a ballboy in the famous NZ 'All Golds' v NSW match of 1907.
A Lifesaver who saved at least five people from drowning, Reg Fusedale was also a cricketer and ex-RU NSW rep.
Reg joined up during WWI and helped organised football competitions in England and South Africa.
Following a stint as captain of Souths in 1920, Reg played in first premiership match for St George in 1921.
Later in 1921, he was elected as St George club secretary following a spill which saw Joe McGraw ousted.
At 32, Reg had retired at the end of season 1921. But he pulled on the boots again in 1922 one afternoon at North Sydney Oval as fullback when H 'Puddin' King was running late.
Fusedale became player and club secretary when he played out the rest of the 1922 season.
Reg Fusedale was made a life member of St George, the NSWRL and the NSW Leagues Club.
He passed away on August 8, 1990, aged 99 years and eight months.

more: 1921, 1926
Gabbe, Percy S, 1923-26, 26 games + 1 repl. 2t (6pts) Fullback.
Gallagher, Dave I, 1992, 10 games  3 repl. (0pts)  
Gardner, Frederick Harrybrook

Fred Gardner 1930
S, 1929-35, 82 games.
38t, 8g (130pts)

NSW rep (1933-34).

Aust rep (1933).

St George junior from Hurstville Public School and the Hurstville United club.
Fred Gardner was the club's top try scorer in 1934 (11tries) and scored 13 tries in 20 matches on Kangaroo Tour of 1933.

Played in the record 91-6 demolition of  Canterbury in 1935.
Jokingly nicknamed 'Yappy' because of quiet nature.

Father of Fred Gardner Jnr.

more: 1935

Gardner, Fred Jnr. S, 1955, 1 game. 1t (3pts) A star in the Wollongong competition also had a brief stay with St George.
Son of Fred Gardner Snr.
Gasnier, Mark (c)

Mark Gasnier
SI, 2000-08
141 games.
81t, 26g (376pts).

Winger. Centre. Five Eighth.
Height: 192cm.
Aust rep (2001 & 2005-2008).
NSW rep (2004-2006 & 2008).
City Origin rep in 2001.
Born 19 July 1981 in Sydney. A St George junior (Renown United).
Scored a try on debut (vs Newcastle at Marathon, March 24, 2000) and went on to become one of the best centres in the competition before injury intervened to hamper his career.
A tremendous player of great potential, Gasnier was finally selected as centre for NSW State of Origin in 2004, but he was publicly dumped for sending lewd mobile phone messages whilst in Origin camp. He was then recalled into the NSW squad for the third and deciding match of the series, scoring two tries and breaking his collarbone in what was his State of Origin debut.
In 2005, Mark Gasnier cemented his NSW Origin centre spot alongside team mate Matt Cooper, playing in all three matches of the series. Both players were also selected for Australia with Gasnier playing in all five Test matches for the Kangaroos in the 2005 Tri-Nations series including the Tri-Nations Final at Elland Road in Leeds. On the same tour, Gasnier also played for Australia in a one-off Test match against France in Perpignan.
In 2006, the Gasnier side-step proved too elusive for many a defender as 'Gaz' topped the try scoring list for the Dragons with 18 tries.
Also in 2006, he was again selected for NSW, playing in all three State of Origin clashes. In the same year he played in all six Tests for the Kangaroos, including the Anzac Test match against New Zealand as well as every match for Australia in the Tri-Nations.
Following a wave of publicity, where rugby union officials attempted to lure Gasnier over to the Wallabies, the 25-year-old finally agreed to terms with Saints in May of 2006. Gasnier signed a lucrative contract which included NRL approved third party payments. The deal will reportedly see him remain a Dragon until 2011.
In 2007, Gasnier was named co-captain (alongside Jason Ryles and Ben Hornby). In addition, the star centre was named at five-eighth following Trent Barrett's departure in 2006. Unfortunately, Gasnier suffered a shoulder injury (torn pectoral muscle) in the pre-season Charity Shield trial which saw him sidelined until round 19.
In September 2007, Gasnier named as captain of the Prime Minister’s XIII.
In 2008, Gasnier was named as sole club captain and returned to his more customary centre position. He was also named in the Australian side at centre for the Anzac Test against the Kiwis as well as playing for NSW in State of Origin games 1 and 2..
Ongoing contractual disputes - namely unpaid third party sponsorship payments promised in 2006 - saw Gasnier exercise a get-out clause on his contract.
In July 2008, Gasnier signed a lucrative two year deal with French rugby union club Stade Francais, effective in 2009.
Nephew of Reg Gasnier
more: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Gasnier, Reg (c)

'Puff the Magic Dragon'

Reg Gasnier

S, 1959-67, 125 games.
127t, 20g (421pts).

Centre. Immortal.
NSW rep (1959-65 & 1967).

Aust rep (1959-65 & 1967).
A true local junior, Reg was born in Kogarah in 1939.

Widely regarded as the greatest centre three quarter to play the game, 'Puff' possessed an amazing turn of speed that more often than not, left all in his wake.

The competition's leading try scorer in 1960 (25t), 1963 (24t) and 1964 (18t).

Scored two tries in the 1960 Grand Final victory and played in six premiership winning sides.

Gasnier suffered a knee injury and then a broken leg while captain coach of Australia in 1967. He finally succumbed to another leg injury announcing his retirement after a provincial match in Avingnon on December 21st, 1967 when only 28 years of age.
Following retirement, Gasnier went on to ABC commentary work and later became a successful marketing manager for a Sydney packaging firm.

Now a Rugby League 'Immortal'.

Uncle of Mark Gasnier

more: 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967
Gay, Richard S, 1993, 1 repl. (0pts)  
Gearin, Steve S, 1983-84, 48 games (including repl).
15t, 161g (382pts)

Winger, goal kicker.
Newtown junior (Lewisham).
Came to Saints after breaking Canterbury's club point scoring record for season 1979. He is best remembered for a try he scored for the Berries in the 1980 Grand Final. Gearin fielded a Greg Brentnall kick on the full to score just before full time.
Joined Saints in 1983-1984 and was the club's top point scorer for two years running.
1983: 8 tries, 80 goals (192 points).
1984: 7 tries, 81 goals (190 points).
Went back to Canterbury in 1985 before playing his final first grade season with Manly in 1986.
more: 1983, 1984

Gentle, Peter S, 1987-88, 3 games. (0pts)  
Geraghty, John S, 1970 1 game. (0pts)  
Gibbs, G
G. Gibbs
S, 1922-23, 3 games. (0pts)  
Gibson, Kevin,  S, 1968, 1976, 2 repl. (0pts)  
Gilbert, Bob S, 1945, 4 games. (0pts) Son of Herb Gilbert Snr. Brother of Herb Jr and Jack Gilbert.
Gilbert Snr, Herb (captain and coach)
Herb Gilbert Snr
S, 1921, 8 games.
1t (3pts).
NSW rep (1911-12 & 1919).

Aust rep (1911-12 & 1919-20).
Dual international (winger in the 1910 Wallabies' win over New Zealand, scoring two tries).

First captain in first grade, 1921, when aged 33. Coach 1921-1924.
Test captain, 1920.
Later became St George selector before having a falling out with the club over the selection of son Herb Jnr.
NSW and Australian selector 1925-1937.

Held in high regard as one of the greatest centres in the first half of the 20th century, Herb Gilbert Snr died on January 3rd 1972, aged 84.

Father of Bob, Jack and Herb Jnr.

more: 1921, team 1941, 1972
Gilbert Jnr, Herb
Herb Gilbert Jnr 1941
S, 1938-43, 89 games.
12t, 2g (40pts)
NSW rep (1939-41 & 1946).

Played in 1941 Grand Final.

War curtailed his career. Played in NSW side that took on England during the visitor's tour of that year.

Son of Herb Gilbert, brother of Bob and Jack Gilbert.

more: team 1941, 1946
Gilbert, Jack
Jack Gilbert 1941
S, 1941, 1946, 8 games.
2g (4pts)
Played in 1941 Grand Final as a replacement for Jack Lindwall

Son of Herb Gilbert, brother of Bob and Herb Gilbert Jnr.

more: team 1941
Gill, Peter
Peter Gill 1988
S, 1988-91, 59 games + 12 repl.
11t (44pts)
Centre. Lock forward.
Rep for Qld juniors.

A 'Rod Reddy lookalike', Peter Gill was named Player of the Series following Saints' 1988 mid-week Panasonic Cup victory when they defeated Balmain 16-8 in the Final.
Went on to a strong career in the UK.
Gill, R S, 1943, 16 games. 7t (21pts)  
Gilmore, H S, 1926, 3 games. (0pts)  
Girdler, Ryan I, 1991-92, 20 games +  3 repl.
8t, 43g (118pts)
Centre. Winger.
NSW rep. (1997- )

Aust rep. (1997- )
Gittoes, Keith S, 1954, 19 games.
8t (24pts)
Noted promoter of  Rugby League in UK, Australia and Canada.
Instigated coaching panels. Went on to be Director of Coaching (1967-74).
Assistant Secretary NSWRL (1970), League Executive Committee member (1972-83) and manager of NSW team (1979).
Glanville, Marc S, 1985-87, 6 games + 5 repl. (0pts)  
Glossop, Ted S, 1951-52 & 1957, 15 games.
1t (3pts)
St George coach 1988, guided the Dragons to success in the mid-week Panasonic Cup competition.

Passed away in 1998 following a battle with cancer.

more: 1988, 1989
Goldspink, Brett I, 1992-93, 7 games + 7 repl. (0pts)  
Goldthorpe, Noel
Noel Goldthorpe
S, 1992-96, 102 games + 4 repl.
25t, 44g, 16fg (204pts)
NSW tri-series rep (1997).

St George junior. City First rep in 1992. Played in 1992, 1993 and 1996 grand finals.

more: 1993, 1996

Goodwin, Ted
'Lord Ted'

Lord Ted Goodwin
click on above image for larger pic of 1977 RLW magazine cover.

S, 1972-78, 116 games.
52t, 82g, 2fg (322pts)
Ted Goodwin 1977

Centre. Fullback.
NSW rep (1972-74 & 1976).

Aust rep (1972-73).
Dapto junior represented Country before joining Saints and was quickly lauded as an ideal replacement for the great Graeme 'Changa' Langlands.
Played in 1975 grand final loss where he came off second best following a dramatic head clash with Easts' Ian Schubert.
A brilliant attacker and rare talent, 'Lord Ted' captured the imagination of crowds whenever he played. From fullback, he scored a miraculous try in the historic 1977 drawn Grand Final (later dubbed the 'game of the century').

While scoring one his trademark solo tries, 'Lord Ted' kicked ahead and dived on the ball just inside the dead ball line. Such was his determination that he hit the ground hard and knocked himself out in the process.
He backed up the next week and scored six goals and a field goal in Saints 22-0 victory over Parramatta.

Went on to captain-coach Parkes and Forbes to three premierships in the Group 11 competition before moving to Perth and helping to set up the ill-fated Western Reds franchise.
Always a Dragon at heart, 'Lord Ted' returned to Sydney and at last report was involved in administrative duties with the mighty Dragons.

more: 1972, 1975, 1977, 1978
Gordon, Bert
S, 1987-88, 14 games + 1 repl.
3t (12pts)
Scored a sensational intercept ry in the 1988 mid-week Panasonic Cup Final
Gore, A S, 1922-23, 27 games. 1g (2pts) A club veteran. Played in the initial St George third grade team of 1910. more: 1910
Gorrell, Aaron

Aaron Gorrell
SI, 2002 & 2005-2006, 48 games (incl repl)
7t, 94g (216pts)
Aaron Gorrell
First Grade
Position Hooker
Born 31 Mar 1981, Wollongong
Junior Club Albion Park-Oak Flats
Height 178cm
Debut Dragons (v Eels), WIN Stadium, 14 Apr 2002, (Rd 5)
Hooker, half back and goal kicker, Aaron Gorrell represented 199920-00 NSW U/19’s, 1999-2000 Junior Kangaroos, 2004 NSW Residents and starred in the 2001 First Division (second grade) premiership winning side. He was promoted to the top NRL grade in 2002.
Despite having to compete for the hooker spot, Gorrell still played 16 first grade games in 2002, mainly off the bench. In June, Gorrell lifted a depleted Dragons side while playing at at the unusual position of half back. In general play, Gorrell put together a near perfect kicking game in the first half to steer the Saints pack to victory over a more fancied Warriors outfit, the Dragons winning 32-22.
Following injury, Aaron Gorrell was unable to play in 2003.
Gorrell captained the Dragons in the 2004 Premier League (second grade) grand final before being recalled back into the NRL first grade side for six matches in 2005.
His contract with Saints was extended into 2006.
In 2006, Gorrell played 26 of the 27 matches on offer and was the Club's top point scorer in first grade (5 tries, 55 goals from 72 attempts for total of 130 points).
In October 2006, Gorrell signed a three year contract with the Catalan Dragons in the English Super League.
He later returned to Australia and linked up with the Brisbane Broncos.

more: 2002, 2003, 2006
Gorton, Stan S, 1966-71, 56 games + 1 repl.
37t (111pts)
Originally from Cairns (Qld).
Season's leading try scorer in 1968 (22 tries).
more: 1968
Gosson, N S, 1951, 9 games.
1t (3pts)
Also played 15 games with Easts in 1955.
Gourley, Robin S, 1963-66, 35 games.
7t (21pts)
Prop foward.
NSW rep (1962).

Former Irish RU forward, played in 1965 and 1966 Grand Finals.

Went on to captain-coach Narrabri and represent NSW Country.

Father of Scott Gourley.

more: 1966, 1989
Gourley, Scott
Scott Gourley
S, 1989-96, 120 games + 3 repl.
29t (116 pts)
NSW rep (1993).

Aust rep (1991).

Dual international. Captain of Aust RU schoolboys in 1986 and RU international in 1988.

Son of Robin Gourley.

more: 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996
Graham, Brian
Brian Graham
S, 1955 & 1957-62 & 1964, 114 games.
20t, 287g (634pts)

NB: Brian Graham points record updated here are correct.
Source: B. Graham and crossed checked by S. Williams and H. Elward.
Requests have been made to review official club records.

Fullback. Goal kicker.
NSW rep (1959).

Played in five Grand Final wins (1957-61).
The club's leading point scorer in 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1964.
Brian Graham broke Doug Fleming's club points record in 1964.

His departure to Korea* for the 1963 season created an opening for Graeme Langlands.
Returned to play with Saints in 1964 and went on to play with Newtown (1965-67).
*Not Papua New Guinea as noted in some publications.

Brian Graham - Stats

First Grade St George

Reserve Grade St George
TOTAL - First Grade and Reserve Grade combined:
172 games, 26t, 392g
= 862 points

more: 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961,

Graham, Don S, 1946-47, 19 games.
6t (18pts)
Five eighth.
Represented Armed Services team before joining St George.

Played in 1946 grand final.
Graham, Phillip S, 1979-82, 28 games + 2 repl.
6t, 27g (72pts)
Graham, Tony S, 1977-78, 14 games + 5 repl. 6t (18pts)  
Grainger, ? S, 1921, 1 repl. (0pts) Member of the inaugural Second Grade squad and was named reserve for one First Grade fixture.
more: 1921
Grant, George
George Grant 1979
S, 1976-82, 46 games + 5 repl.
1t, 183g (369pts)
Prop forward. Goal kicker.
Played in 1979 Grand Final kicking four goals in Saints' 17-13 win over Canterbury.

more: 1979
Gray, Frank
S, 1921-22 & 1928-29, 33 games.
7t (21pts)
Five eighth.
Played in first premiership team.
Also a prominent lightweight boxer, cyclist and runner.
Also played with Wests (1920) and Glebe (1927).
more: 1921, 1929
Gray-Spence, J S, 1935, 1 game. (0pts)  
Greaves, Johnny S, 1962-63, 26 games + 2 repl.
16t (48pts)
NSW rep (1966-68).

Aust rep (1966-68).

St George junior.
Green, E S, 1952, 1 game. (0pts)  
Green, Jon SI, 2008, 1 games (0pts) Prop forward.
Born: 16/07/1985. Height: 186cm.
Junior club: Beenleigh (Qld).
First Grade debut: Bulldogs v Wests Tigers at ANZ Stadium (Homebush), Round 2, 2006.
First Grade debut with Dragons: Dragons v Cowboys at WIN Stadium (Wollongong), Round 5, 12 April, 2008.
Green played in six first grade games with the Bulldogs in 2006 and 2007 before linking up with Saints.
Greenland, Scott I, 1982, 1984-86, 39 games. 1t (4pts)  
Greenlands, Walter
S, 1929-1930, 23 games. 2t (6pts) Played in 1930 grand final.
Forced to leave the club to look for work during the depression.
Greenshields, Clint
SI, 2004-2006, 36 games.
11t (44pts)
Clint Greenshields
First Grade
Position Utility back
Born 11 Jan 1982, Coffs Harbour
Junior Club Sawtell JRLFC Panthers
Height 176cm
Debut Dragons (v Sea Eagles), Brookvale Oval, 9 May 2004, (Rd 9)
Clint Greenshields played in the 2004 Premier League grand final and was winner of 2004 'Mark Coyne Award' – Premier League (second grade) player of the year.
In 2004, he gained rep honours with the NSW Residents
In 2005, Greenshields played extensively at fullback in the first grade after regular fullback Ben Hornby moved to halfback to fill in for the injured Mathew Head.
Greenshields extended his stay at Saints, signing a one year contract for 2006. He played 18 NRL matches that year, proving to be a reliable custodian and a lethal attacking weapon. Greenshields scored seven tries, including two doubles in rounds 10 and 26.
In the same year, speculation circulated that Greenshields was set to sign with the Gold Coast Titans for 2007. But the 24-year-old ultimately agreed to terms with the French-based ESL club Catalan Dragons, coached by former St George fullback and second grade coach Mick Potter.
more: 2004,
Gregory, Andy I, 1989, 8 games + 1 repl.
3t (12pts)
Played with 1981-82 & 1984 Wembly Cup Finals.
Griffin, Les S, 1935, 14 games.
7t, 52g (125pts)
NSW rep (1930-31).

Played in St George's 91-6 thrashing of Canterbury in 1935 and scored 36 points (2 tries, 15 goals), a competition match points record in it's day and a club first grade record* for St George, only equaled by Jack Lindwall in 1947.
Les's record of 15 goals in one match still stands not only as a club record but it is also a competition record held jointly with Easts' Dave Brown.

more: 1935

*The Dragons official website reported on 18 June 2002 that Jersey Flegg (third grade) back Wes Naiqama secured a club record by scoring 38 points in the Dragons' victory over North Sydney.

The article at states:
Naiqama crossed for five tries and kicked nine goals from as many attempts to surpass the joint record of 36 points held by Les Griffin and Jack Lindwall.
Griffin scored two tries and kicked 15 goals in 1935 while playing for St George and Lindwall made his mark with six tries and nine goals in 1947 while also donning the ‘Red V’.
Grigg, Ray S, 1974-75, 2 games + 5 repl. 1t (3pts)  
Grimaldi, Tony S, 1995, 1 repl. (0pts) Forward.
Grotte, Robert S, 1935 & 1937, 13 games. 1t (3pts)  
Guest, Lennie S, 1926-29, 39 games. 11t, 81g (195pts) Played in Saints' first premiership-deciding final in 1927.
Top first grade point scorer for club in 1928 and 1929.
Guider, Chris S, 1984-86, 37 games + 9 repl.
3t (12pts)

Played in all three Grand Finals (U/23s, reserve grade and first grade) in 1985.

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