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A tutorial on making your own sign for the game

Hey guys, I know there is more people out there that would make signs, but don't know how!
Here is a quick tutorial on the way I make them. Please note there is other ways, but I find this way although time consuming, gives the best results! feel free to do it anyway you please, but I hope this way gives a few more people the courage to give it a go!

First thing I do, is work out how big the sign will be (I suggest you make it as big as your arms can handle without being too stretched out) Then get material that has a 1200mm drop.
Measure out how much space you need for each letter, including how much space for gaps etc.. this is just simple spacing out and anyone should be able to make it work. Then use a good quality painters masking tape to cover up all the areas that you want as spaces (my trick is make your spaces between letters the thickness of the tape, usually about 2.5cm) like this:

The squares I have made with tape are for each letter!

For this sign I have a gap between the first two words on the top line this is also masked up first.

Then I start with the letters, usually do the easy letters first like "e", "t", "h" they don't require you to draw the letter first, you can just use the tape to make the shape for you! like this:

Then the harder letters with curves in them! I draw the curves in pencil and then mask around them, and you can make mistakes and still get away with it, just make sure you mask up on the correct line. (this pic shows the errors that I made on the "b").

Here is the top line complete, now just do the bottom, and then make sure every single area is taped up suitable for painting.

Once you are ready to paint, just use any cheap spray paint, I used a paint that was specifically for metal on this one, because that is the type I sell at work, it's not that critical aslong as it is the right colour, and some reds are really pink!
Usually you can use the $2 stuff they sell at Go Lo or any hardware.

Here is the finished product:

And the most important part, getting the sides sewn up for the poles.
(thanks maxine, GST's sister - nice hands by the way )

Hope that helps some of you out there (or at least sombody).
As I said above, you can do it anyway you like, but this is the way I do it.

Cheers Macca

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